I've made several randomization tools for various Kirby games! Click on the icon or the title of the game to see more information.

Kirby's Adventure

The first randomizer I made was for Kirby's Adventure for NES. This randomizer can shuffle Kirby's color, the abilities that enemies give you, as well as the order in which levels are played! You can also now play with the Star Rod in any level!

Kirby's Nightmare in Dream Land

Kirby's Nightmare in Dream Land was the GBA remake of Kirby's Adventure. For this randomizer, you can change Kirby and Meta Knight's color (including the colors from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and brand new palettes), and randomize the enemy abilities!

The Kirby Color Editor

This one isn't a randomizer, but it's almost as good! This is a program in-browser that lets you pick Kirby's colors in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror and then export them to the game. Full color customization! You're free to create any hideous monstrosity you wish!

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