Pico-8 is a cool fantasy console where you can make your own games or visual programs easily. Here are some of the better programs I've made, and you can even play them in browser! If you want to see more of my Pico-8 projects, you can visit my profile page on the Pico-8 BBS here.


My first fully fledged game! It's a clone of the classic arcade game Bosconian, but with my own spin on it.


A winter-themed puzzle game! Try to build the biggest snowman by collecting snow and avoiding obstacles.

Final Fantasy - Prelude

In an attempt to understand how the Pico-8 music editor works, I transcribed the song Prelude from the Final Fantasy series.


I made this in an attempt to understand how 3D graphics are made. You can rotate the shape and zoom in and out.


This was made as a 'Tweetcart' for Twitter, where you try to make a Pico-8 program fit into the size of a tweet.


I think this was the very first Pico-8 program I wrote. It is simply an animation of two moons orbiting around Jupiter.

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