Aquobot is a Discord bot designed to read various user inputs and respond, either with information or unfunny jokes.

Below are the commands Aquobot responds to, how the syntax should be used, and some examples for each.

How to use syntax: The syntax shows how to use the command, with the command name beginning with a '!', optional parameters in brackets, and phrases that should be replaced by whatever the user wishes to enter in caps.

The source code can be viewed here.

If you wish to add Aquobot to your server, make sure you have 'Manage Server' permissions, then visit this link.

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Gives a Magic 8-Ball response to a question

Syntax: !8ball QUESTION

@CarnacTheMagnificent !8ball Is Aquobot the best?

@Aquobot Yes of course!


Aquobot gives a basic description of itself

Syntax: !about

@adrii !about

@Aquobot I am Aquobot, I am here to help!


Simply asks the bot to respond if active

Syntax: !alive

@John !alive

@Aquobot Yes, I am here.


Gets an image from NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" site

Syntax: !apod [YYYY-MM-DD]

@Armstrong !apod

@Aquobot Today's Image: Earthrise


Look up or add birthdays to the database

Syntax: !birthday [set/list] MONTH DAY

@EvilPoptart !birthday

@Aquobot Your birthday is on January 1


Play Blackjack with the computer!

Syntax: !blackjack

Note: Also works with '!bj'

You can see how many points you have with '!points'

@Oceans11 !blackjack

@Aquobot Alright, time to play blackjack!


Convert messages into/out of the Brainfuck programming language

Syntax: !brainfuck MESSAGE/CODE

Note: Can also be used with '!bf'

@esoteric !brainfuck

@Aquobot ++++++++++[>++++++++++<-]>++++.+.


Prints out the calendar for the specified month or year

Syntax: !cal [MONTH/YEAR]

@Joel !cal

@Aquobot [Prints out calendar]


Picks between a list of options, separated by commas

Syntax: !choose OPTION1, OPTION2, OPTION3, ...

@magic !choose eat, sleep, drink

@Aquobot drink


Takes text and adds it an image of the style of text from Ecco the Dolphin

Syntax: !ecco PHRASE

@Aquova !ecco Hello World!


Repeats back what is said to it

Syntax: !echo PHRASE

@Paul !echo Aquobot is really cool.

@Aquobot Aquobot is really cool.


Prints out the input as emoji letters

Syntax: !emoji

@Ijome !emoji Hello world!

@Aquobot :reginal_indicator_w: ...


Gives a great and interesting fact

Syntax: !fact

@Magically Clueless !fact

@Aquobot Did you know the sky is blue?


Sends feedback message to the developers

Syntax: !feedback MESSAGE

@Caesar !feedback Everything is broken.


Gives a 7 day forecast of a specified location

Syntax: !forecast [set] LOCATION

Note: Can also be called with !f

@Alfred !forecast Cheyenne, WY

@Aquobot Tue June 20 2017, Cloudy...


Gives the avatar picture of the specified user

Syntax: !getavatar [USERNAME]

@KEN !getavatar

@Aquobot AvatarPic.png


Returns the first Google search result

Syntax: !google PHRASE

Note: Also works with !g

@Waffles !google banana



Gives the top Google Image search result of the search term

Syntax: !img PHRASE

@Jelly !img banana



Tells a joke

Syntax: !joke

@Henry !joke

@Aquobot Why did the chicken cross the road? ...


Posts a link to this webpage for reference

Syntax: !help

@George !help



Converts date into the Mayan Long Count

Syntax: !mayan MM-DD-YYYY

@Roger !mayan 12-25-2017

@Aquobot That date is in the Mayan Long Count


Creates a Minesweeper board using spoiler tags

Syntax: !minesweeper

@MASH !minesweeper

@Aquobot Posts a minesweeper board


Convert a message into or out of morse code

Syntax: !morse MESSAGE

@Henry !morse hello

@Aquobot .... . .-.. .-.. ---


Shows the MyAnimeList profile of the given user

Syntax: !myanimelist [set] USERNAME

Note: Also works with !mal

@Alcopops !mal

@Aquobot Here is your profile:


Replaces your nickname with the new one given

Syntax: !nick NEW_NICKNAME

@Knuckles !nick Chuckles

@Aquobot Your new username is now "Chuckles"


See how many points you have from Blackjack and Slots

Syntax: !points

@PoorRichard !points

@Aquobot You have 912 points.


Presents a poll for users, based on input separated by commas. Users can vote via Discord reactions.

Syntax: !poll TITLE, OPTION1, OPTION2, OPTION3, ...

@Henry !poll What is 2+2?, 3, 4, 5

@Aquobot What is 2+2?
1. 3
2. 4
3. 5
[Discord reactions]


Returns a quote from the stored quote database

Syntax: !quote [remove #]

Note: Quotes are added to the database by reacting to a message with the :speech_balloon: emoji.

@eemie !quote

@Aquobot From Aquova: Hello world!


The same as !forecast, but gives the forecast in emojis

Syntax: !qf [set] LOCATION

@Qevin !qf Berlin, Germany

@Aquobot Tue: [sun_emoji]...


Same as !weather, but gives the weather in emojis

Syntax: !qw [set] LOCATION

@Ryan !qw NYC

@Aquobot [cloud emoji]


Play Rock, Paper, Scissors against the computer!

Syntax: !rockpaperscissors HAND

Note: Also works with '!rps'

You can check how many points you have with '!points'

@toe !rockpaperscissors rock

@AquobotRock beats Scissors, you win!


Converts numbers to/from roman numerals

Syntax: !roman NUMBER/NUMERAL

@eemie !roman CMXII

@Aquobot 912


Calculates how many scrabble points a word is worth

Syntax: !scrabble WORD

@Richard !scrabble banana

@Aquobot 8


Lists the number of servers Aquobot is currently serving.

Syntax: !servers

@Seth !servers

@Aquobot I am currently a member of 3 servers.


Gives information on the current server

Syntax: !serverinfo

@FBI !serverinfo

@Aquobot Aquobot's Amazing Server | Created at...


Gives information about a game on

Syntax: !speedrun GAME or !speedrun USER username

@SpeedyGonzalez !speedrun Ecco the Dolphin

@AquobotGame: Ecco the Dolphin


Attempts to find and correct any misspelled words in a sentence

Syntax: !spellcheck SENTENCE

@Badiyanu !spellcheck This sentense is mispelled.

@Aquobot Suggestion: This sentence is misspelled.


Try your hand at the slot machine!

Syntax: !slots

Note: You can check how many points you have with '!points'

@Lucky7 !slots

@Aquobot You got Bar-Jackpot-Blue, so you earned 2 points. Well, it's better than nothing.


Gives stats of a specified Steam account

Syntax: !steam STEAM_USERNAME

@Gaben !steam foobar

@Aquobot User foobar has 912 games on Steam and...


Posts a random 'stop' image

Syntax: !stop

@Octagone !stop



Posts the current local time of the user, or of a specified location.

Syntax: !time [set] LOCATION

@Crumbledore !time NYC

@Aquobot Sat, 24 Jun 2017 11:26 AM EDT


Allows users to add, remove, or view items on their personal todo list.

Syntax: !todo [add/remove#]

@lunalex !todo

@Aquobot Take out the trash.


Translates phrase into specified language


Note: Can also use !translate

Note: ^ can be used to translate previous message, i.e. !tr en ^

@eemie !tr en Helaas pindakaas

@Aquobot Too bad


Returns info about the Twitch profile of the specified user

Syntax: !twitch USERNAME

@FanDidlyTastic !twitch GamesDoneQuick



Returns given text, but written upside down

Syntax: !upside PHRASE

@Obi-Wan !upside down

@Aquobot uʍop


Don't you wish there was a /unshrug to go with /shrug?

Syntax: /unshrug

@Rabbit /unshrug

@Aquobot _/¯(ツ)¯\_


Gives number of days until specified date

Syntax: !until MM-DD-YYYY

@Roger !until 12-25-2017

@Aquobot 195 days


Gives information on the specified user

Syntax: !userinfo [USERNAME]

Note: Can either type in the exact username or use their 'ping' name

@PhoneBook !userinfo Aquobot

@Aquobot Aquobot#6491 | The Best Bot in the World


Gives the current weather of a specified location

Syntax: !weather [set] LOCATION

Note: You can also use !w

@Alfred !weather Orlando, FL

@Aquobot Cloudy, 77F with wind speed of...


Returns the Wikipedia page of the searched term

Syntax: !wiki QUERY

@Crumbledore !wiki cats



Provides an answer to a WolframAlpha query

Syntax: !wolfram QUERY

@Ringo !wolfram time in NYC

@Aquobot 3:15:40 pm EDT | Monday, June 12, 2017


Posts a comic from xkcd

Syntax: !xkcd [random/#]

Note: Either !xkcd random or !xkcd rand will produce a random comic. !xkcd will post the most recent comic.

@Randall_Monroe !xkcd

@Aquobot Comic 912...


Provides the Youtube link to the first result of the query

Syntax: !youtube QUERY

Note: Also works with !yt

@Karena !youtube dancing cats