One of my hobbies is creating emulators for older video game systems. To date I have created Chip-8 and Game Boy/Color emulators in Rust for desktop and browser, and ported the Chip-8 emulator to Pico-8 in Lua. I've also written a short book on Chip-8 emulation with Rust.


Pico-8 is a "fantasy console" designed to allow you to make games in a classic 8-bit style, but with some modern sensibilities, such as the Lua language, desktop and HTML export, online browsing, and more. I've created several games, in different genres and styles, that can be played from the browser.

Discord bots

In my spare time, I am active in several servers on the chat application Discord. To assist with managing some of these servers, I've made several bots to perform various utilities, such as moderation functions, XP and level tracking, assigning user roles, and more.

Video Game Modding and Hacking

Combining my interests in making games and emulators, I've made a few mods and romhacks for commercially existing games. These are both traditional patches to games, as well as some browser utilities to allow a greater degree of control to the modifications.

Misc. Projects and Experiments

In addition to some of the more organized projects I've completed, I've also worked on an assortment of miscellaneous projects that don't fit into other categories. Here are a few of my favorite.